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Secure Self Service Password Reset & OTP For Enterprises

When your users needs to change their password or unlock their account let them help themself with one easy message.
If you need on-premise One Time Password (OTP) server, PassBox is also your answer!

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Why Choose PassBox?

A simple, proven way to boost
your team performance.

Secure by Design

Secure by Design

No more boring process for your users. PassBox is by design secure by using security proven applications like Bip, Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal and more.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

No more Puzzle to Solve. Users-ID passed by the messaging application only if user is allowed to use the PassBox. You can authorize users on SambaBox, AD or local DB.

Fast Integration

Fast Integration

No more Integration Problems PassBox has powerful API for allowing integration to diffrent systems then messaging applications like e-mail system or inhouse apps in minutes.


PassBox gives your users the freedom to work comfortably!

Authorization and authentication is the most important problem for IT. You have to be sure that who is the correct user. In security perspective, you need to check something user knows (password etc.), something user have (id card, token etc.), something from user (retina, fingerprint etc.) PassBox satisfies this requirements with your local authentication server very easily.


Use your android or ios device to manage everything.

Using third party messaging application allows you to check something user have -authorized phone and sim card-, something from user -finger print, face detection- and something user knows -temprory link without knowing the user name-

PassBox password reset

Average help desk staff receives %65 of the issues as account unlock requests or password reset requests. PassBox helps organizations to save the time for more important issues.

Most of the enterprise organization uses complex password policy and aggressive password lifetime. Users suffers from this and forgets their password. It is not pain for them to reset with smart solution.

Since system admins are also human, it is easy to use similar password while opening account first time, or resetting password for user request. This is important security problem. With PassBox only user knows her password.

PassBox is not only for resetting passwords. Since it has two side API support, you can use as OTP, or any other corporate requirement. Just by selecting keyword and operation.

PassBox supports SambaBox, MS Active Directory and LDAP out of the box. With this integration you only need to choose UserID, UserPhone and Password fileds if not using the default attributes.

PassBox designed as micro service. You can deploy it on your k8s environment , virtualization or bare metal as you wish. More server means more resource and business continuity solution for your organization.

PassBox Makes Your Business Smart!

Make your life easy,
get a better way to work.

One Platform,Solves Everything

Just enableing PassBox service solves a lot of security problems at ones.

Get PassBox Now
Fastest Management,Easy to Organize

It is easy to integrate PassBox to your system and get benefits from day one.

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More than a software

PassBox is a platform that helps you to unlock the real potential.


PassBox has user friendly dashboard to fallow all actions on a single page for admins comfort. All admin actions are records as to meet corporate security standards.


We are here to help. Our partners offers L1 and L2 support and developers are stands for L3. You can reach your account manager to set your SLA goals. We are very confident!

Easy setup process

It is very easy to setup PassBox on different environments. We have two way API with out of the box connection templates for commonly used services like SambaBox, MS Active Directory etc.

PassBox Dashboard
PassBox Change Pass

Super clean user
interface for easier use.

PassBox has clean and easy user interface for best user experience. Design is responsive so it can be use very easily with various mobile phones sizes. Password change interface gets your enterprise password policy from your directory service without extra configuration.

1M+ users uses passbox EVERY day!

No additional or hidden costs. Pay for what you use.




  • 1000 Messages per month
  • 10 GB file storage
  • 50 Projects per month
  • Premium support
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  • Everything in Free +
  • 500 GB file storage
  • 200 Projects per month
  • Premium support
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  • Everything in Small +
  • Unlimited file storage
  • 50 Projects per month
  • Premium support



  • Unlimited Messages
  • Unlimited file storage
  • 50 Projects per month
  • Premium support


1M+ users uses passbox EVERY day!​

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Millions of people around the world have already made PassBox the place where their dream happens.

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Big, small, online, offline, local or international. Size doesn't matter. We work on diverse projects for top brands as well as for cool startups. Check out some of our favorites.

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PassBox is funded and sponsored by Profelis IT Consultancy. Even this is sister project of SambaBox project, PassBox is developing independently.

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